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This is the ONLY way to sell your own perfume successfully -- I dare you to prove me wrong!

We live in a world of (fantasy!) instant success where, (we think!) when luck comes our way all our hopes and dreams will be realized — and everybody on earth will buy our perfume!

Until then let us lie on the couch in front of tv and watch the world go buy.

If only marketing a perfume we made could be so easy!

The sad (or happy) fact is that the success or failure of a perfume we have developed ourselves depends, in fact, on our own efforts. There are points that have to be covered; work that has to be done. If we cover these points well, the chances that we will sell our own perfume successfully are dramatically improved.

So what are these steps that will cause us to rise off the couch, turn off the tv, and get to work selling perfume that we have really made?

Step # 1 — The Fragrance

The first step is to create a fragrance that can be sold.

We're talking about sold ... not given away. For a fragrance to sell, people have to want it and be willing (and able!) to pay for it.

A fragrance that you alone like may not be a good candidate for drawing sales.

Quite frankly, as I sit at my desk playing with perfume chemicals (raw materials, essential oils — make it sound the way it would be most acceptable to you!) — I "uncover" all sorts of combinations that I find interesting and would love to try out on others. But, sadly, I know that my taste may be a bit more eccentric than that of most perfume buyers. Just because a fragrance makes an impression doesn't mean it is going to make a sale.

Get Inside The Mind Of Your Buyer

To make sales you have to have buyers. Your product — your perfume — has to be appealing to them!

And they have to do more than just like it. They have to like it better than they like their other perfume options.

Sometimes the sale is made because the salesperson is aggressive and, for the consumer, it is less bother to just buy the perfume than to tell the salesperson to buzz off. But, if the fragrance is clearly substandard, even aggressive salesmanship is unlikely to work.

It really helps if your perfume itself is of good quality and somewhat unique or different in a pleasing way from what the consumer can buy elsewhere.

So the first step in selling your own perfume is to have a good fragrance to sell.

How do you get it? You work at it. You go through lots of tests and experiments. You reject a lot of your own favorite creations and you keep on working until your perfume gets better and better and, at last, is good enough to sell.

This is Step # 1.

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