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Using YouTube To Build Website Traffic

A YouTube video can bring visitors to your website but only if:

(1) The video offers a slice information that can only be completed by a visit to your website and,

(2) The video itself can attract viewers through its title, description and tags.

To make this happen you have to develop an integrated message that binds the video and your website. This means you have to do some serious strategizing and creative work before you can even think about shooting the video itself.

All this might seem obvious when you are first exploring the possible use of video but it is easily forgotten when you sit down to script out your video and start to get cool ideas that take it away from its strategic intention.

Producing a good video to build website traffic requires substantial discipline.

How To Make Your Video An
Effective Web Traffic Builder

Ideally your video will visualize some aspect of a product or service you offer at your website. If the image in the video is strong enough to create a desire for what is visualized and a profound urge to satisfy that desire—through a purchase, for example—a visit to your website becomes a requirement.

For example, Lindy Fralin (a person) makes and sells a variety of pickups for electric guitars. His products are available at his website. The essence of a guitar pickup, that which makes it desirable, is the sounds which it can produce. On Lindy's website the sounds of each pickup are described in words.

But audio, in a few seconds, can communicate more than any amount of words could.

Audio can be injected into a website without YouTube. SoundCloud is a service that is often used. But SoundCloud audios aren't so searchable. To play a SoundCloud clip you generally must first go to a website in which a SoundCloud clip has been embedded.

YouTube, on the other hand, works both ways. You can embed a YouTube link—or even a complete YouTube video—in a webpage and YouTube video can be discovered by an internet or YouTube search. So Lindy Fralin now posts YouTube videos of himself demonstrating the sounds of his various pickups.

Now, do you like what you're hearing from Lindy? Do you want to put Lindy Fralin pickups in your electric guitar? You can buy them by returning to or visiting for the first time Lindy Fralin's website. The videos create desire for what can be purchased at the website.

For you the question is "What am I selling that will be made more appealing to people if they can see it in a video?" Some products and services naturally lend themselves to a video demonstration; others do not. When that natural link does not exist, you may still be able to create a link but it may be far more difficult and the video itself may have less power to bring people to your website to make a purchase.

How To Attract Viewers
To The Video Itself

To attract viewers to your video, without a push from your website, you must offer something people are searching for and make your offer clear through the use of the keywords used in your video's title, description, and tags.

But here's where it gets tricky. If your offer, as expressed through you keywords, is something very popular, you'll be in competition with dozens or even hundreds (or thousands) of other sites with similar offers. The ones that will rise to the top in search results are those that already have significant traffic. As a Johnny-come-lately, your ranking is likely to be very, very low—so low that nobody will find the link.

Your odds improve if you are advertising a less popular product or service, one that has few competitors, particularly if none of these competitors' videos have attracted much traffic.


Using one or more YouTube videos to bring visitors to your website is a strategy that requires testing, huge effort, and patience.

Before giving this strategy a try, it's good to consider whether video—any video—can really inspire a desire for your product or service on the part of viewers.

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