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Developing A Hook
Guaranteed To Sell Your Perfume
Part II

Here are some more examples of strong hooks. They are presented to help you understand the "hook" concept when developing a marketing plan for your own perfume. The key to making a strategy work for you is adapting it to your market and your resources. What you want here is to absorb the ideas behind these promotions. You can't succeed with a new perfume simply by throwing it out there. Your marketing strategy has to include a reason for your perfume being something special enough so that people will buy it. To succeed you must have a good hook.

Here now are strategies that have been used by others.

Nicole Amy, "Stiletto"

The concept is a fragrance contained in a stiletto shoe shaped bottle and packaged in what looked like an elegant shoe box. The marketer was a young woman who managed to get good press over her concept and distribution in some regional boutiques. She has now expanded her distribution to a number of regions.

How successful has the promotion been? I don't know, but I do suspect that the packaging and theme have taken it a lot farther than it might have gone in a plain bottle and box. People I showed it to (I purchased a bottle and liked it) were impressed, both by the packaging and the scent. Anyway, having been introduced in 2010, it is still available and new posts continue to appear for it on Facebook.

Playboy Fragrances for Men

Playboy partnered with Coty to produce a line of fragrances. For a 2010 launch, a mobile phone user could take a picture of a Playboy Playmate featured in a special ad and send it to Playboy at a special address and in return would receive "exclusive images and videos" an an app that would allow secure online ordering of Playboy fragrances.

Florida Water

A mixture of essential oils and alcohol. The "Florida Water" name became generic but "Murray & Lanman's" was probably the best known brand. Inexpensive to prepare, Florida Water was advertised for its therapeutic value, much the same way 4711, Johann Marie Farina's Cologne, and Hungary Water had been promoted in Europe. Only lightly scented, Florida Water sold well to respectable, middle class American women who enjoyed fragrance but believed the use of "French perfumes" would mark them as fallen women.

"Romancing Singapore"

In 2003 the city of Singapore held a festival commemorating love and romance. Arrangements were made for students at Singapore Polytechnic to create both a men's and a woman's fragrance for the event. 3,000 15 ml bottles were produced, distributed and sold in 9 days. Later, with commercial assistance, additional bottles of a larger size were produced and sold successfully.

"The Pope's Cologne"

The Pope's Cologne was created from a formula said to be a favorite of Pope Pius IX. It has been marketed to and through Roman Catholic institutions and for one special promotion, the gift of a Holy Card impregnated with the Pope's Cologne using micro encapsulation technology was included with the purchase.

The Pope's Cologne received widespread publicity when launched in 2007 and today Excelsis offers both men's and woman's fragrance products, including a new men's cologne honoring Pope Francis.

Coty, "La Rose Jacqueminot"

In 1904 François Coty was trying to break into the perfume business, having no background or backing in a very competitive field. Frustrated at his failure to gain the attention of a buyer at a major department store, Coty smashed a bottle of his new fragrance on the floor and was immediately surrounded by women asking what it was and where they could buy it.

The store took notice and gave Coty an order for 12 bottles of La Rose Jacqueminot. Within weeks the perfume had became famous in Paris and other stores ordered. Coty was on his way to becoming a very wealthy man.

It has been suggested that the women gathering around Coty's broken bottle were hired to play this role.

There is more

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