"How To Launch Your Own Perfume
Company : A Simple Business Plan (2016)"

A business plan is a guide to creating a business. This business plan is a guide to developing a business to make and sell perfume.

A business plan is good only if the business being proposed is good. The concept for the business comes before the plan itself. Here, the concept is good and therefore the plan works. The plan works because the perfume business being proposed recognized and meets an unmet need. Thus there is a reason for this business to exist.

The unmet need is widespread (yes, widespread!) and hence a good opportunity for growth.

The capital needed to launch this business is minimal — credit card stuff — and so the risk is low.

But, like any business, you have to work it. Put the work in and growth and profits will come out.

Is the plan "revolutionary""? Hardly. The strategy is in common use. All this plan adds is a niche which, until now, has not been recognized.

The opportunity awaits you!

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