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While I create and market my own perfume on a limited scale, this website is about resources that can help you create and market your own perfume by providing resources to inspire you, inform you, and provide you with the technical guidance you may need to develop your own fragrances successfully.

If your interest is in creating perfume totally "hands on" but you don't yet understand the technology needed to bring your inspirations to fruition, I commend Steve Dowthwaite's home study Foundation Course to you. Through his Bangkok-based PerfumersWorld, he has trained a many in the art of perfumery, myself among them.

For perfume as a business we offer a series of ebooks that can guide you into the industry with budgets ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. My warning here is that the ability to read and follow instructions is vital. And, as with any enterprise, diligent application is essential.

Strategy-wise, if you join our Perfume Makers' Club (for $21.95) you can get all our ebooks, a $202.92 value, FREE.

Working with perfume is a great pleasure, both for its aesthetics and for its financial possibilities.

I invite you to join us.

Phil Goutell

I create and sell my own fragrances and you can to. See a sampling of some fragrances I've created at my online display space — PGLightyears.com

Philip Goutell
Lightyears, Inc.