How To Discover The Most Perfect
Name For Your New Perfume

Launching a new perfume? Or thinking about developing
one? Learn how a good name alone could make
your project more valuable!

Names are important. Pick the wrong name and you might get sued. Pick the right name and not only do you sell more perfume, you add a valuable asset to your business. Most perfume names neither help nor hurt. Most perfume names neither inspire nor infuriate. They waste an opportunity. They drain potential profits. Yet people continue to name perfumes without ever bothering to ask, "Aren't there any axioms I can follow to help me develop a valuable perfume name?"

Not perfect, yet some
important naming "rules"
do exist

The most obvious rule is you don't take someone else's name. But each year more than 1,000 new fragrances are launched and each must have its peculiar name. That means every ten years 10,000 names become off limits to you. You need to know, now, how to avoid picking a name that has already been taken while establishing your rights to names you have developed. Then, in years to come, those other marketers will have to watch out for you — or pay you!

There's a second piece of common wisdom in developing a name for your new perfume. The name should reinforce the story behind your perfume and harmonize with the scent of your perfume so that name and scent tell the same story. The name, which reflects the story behind the perfume, should also suggest graphic images for the marketing campaign amd perhaps even music.

These obvious considerations are only part of the story. Major marketers want to be assurred, before they move ahead, that a name they have chosen can be trademarked, and sometimes it cannot. Then there are questions about issues in other countries which may be of no concern to you. But, once a name has been selected and advertising scheduled, a name change is awkward and expensive.

A quick (personal) testimonial

Like many, I've named perfumes (and other products) without giving much thought to the process. Afer all, I had, early in my career, named products that were marketed quite successfully. Why should perfume be any different — so I thought.

Then, out of the blue, I had an offer from another company to buy the rights to one of my fragrance names. When the deal was done and the check cashed, I began to look over the other names of my fragrances. What I found surprised me. Only one had a seriously good name!

Now maybe I'll rename some. And I'll certainly spend more time on the naming process in the future.

Improve your odds —
Get it right before
you start writing checks

There is a path to follow when you're naming a new fragrance. There are steps you can take to make your fragrance name more valuable. You can't sell a fragrance without a name so why not take just a bit more time, give yourself a bit of outside guidance, and come up with a better, more valueable name. It is definitely worth the effort and it is all in this book

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