How to use celebrity fragrance marketing
techniques to sell your own perfume

It's hard to overlook the outpouring of celebrity perfumes and their success. You can see that marketers of celebrity fragrances have developed effective strategies that give them far more success with new fragrance introductions than other marketers. So it's easy to become blinded and think there is something so "different" about celebrity fragrance marketing that it allows only celebrities to enjoy this success. The fact is that the amazingly high success rate of celebrity fragrances is really only the result of their use of simple strategies, strategies that anyone can use to introduce a new perfume. You can use these strategies too.

Famous names mask
simple strategies

It's easy to get snowed by the famous names that have launched their own fragrance lines. It's easy to think that you would have to be a celebrity yourself to do what they are doing. But, when you pull back the curtain to see what they are actually doing, you discover it is barely more than understanding and using certain proven strategies that you could be using too. The famous names provide smoke and mirrors to blind and the public so people won't see how simple these strategies that sell expensive perfume really are.

It's not about
having lots of money

Money regulates only the scale of a launch, not the strategy. You are aware of major celebrity launches because they have money enough behind them to get noticed by everyone, even people who may hate the particular celebrity!

What you probably do not realize is that for every major celebrity fragrance launch there are a great many barely publicized celebrity fragrance launches, launches that you don't hear about because they are carefully targeted to a core audience, and you simply do not fall within their target market. But, just like major launches, these small budget celebrity fragrance launches are using — very profitably — the same strategies major launches use, and these strategies can work very well for you.

Do this first

Before you put money behind a new fragrance, be wise to the strategies that have worked for the most savvy marketers on the planet, the sellers of celebrity perfume. With hundreds of launches behind them, they have worked out in detail the simplest, surest ways to turn perfume into money. When you examine what they have discovered you'll wonder why anyone bothers to market perfume any other way.

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