"Naming Your Perfume And
Protecting Your Perfume's Name"

A really great name, a special name that is just right for a particular perfume or perfume marketer (or entrepreneur with money to invest!) can be worth a ton of money. But few individuals with great ideas ever manage to cash in on those brilliant ideas. Instead they wait while others "discover" their idea, acquire legal rights to it, make all the money, and leave them out in the cold without a penny earned for what they had thought up.

If you are struggling to name your perfume and are looking for a name that will have real value, Naming Your Perfume And Protecting Your Name will help you weed out low value names and point you to names that have better marketing value plus the potential to become valuable assets in themselves.

Philip Goutell
"It happened to me, Philip Goutell, out of the blue an offer was made for a perfume name I was using. The deal was quick, simple, and profitable."

If you have a great name you want to protect but not a fragrance, Naming Your Perfume And Protecting Your Name will guide you through the simple steps you must take to acquire a legal right to that name — before someone else grabs it! Best of all, Naming Your Perfume And Protecting Your Name shows you how to gain strong legal protection for your name without a lawyer and without spending more than pocket change.

Never had an idea for a product name? Never thought much about perfume? Naming Your Perfume And Protecting Your Name may stimulate your interest in a whole new game that, when played well, can make you lots of money without your having to leave the comfort of your home office.

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