Presenting your perfume to the public — when you have no money for packaging

"Naming Your Perfume And
Protecting Your Perfume's Name"

Don't wait doing nothing while your name for a perfume is taken by someone else. Imagine how you would feel every time you saw a bottle of their perfume with your name on it, but because you never took steps to protect your name, they will never owe you a penny.

The fact is very few people outside the big perfume companies understand the steps that must be taken to protect a perfume's name. There ARE certain steps that must be followed and the FIRST steps you must take are neither complicated nor expensive. But, unless you do what is required, your name will remain unprotected, free for anyone to use, without payment to you.

A good perfume name can be worth a lot of money. It has been judged harder to find a name for a perfume than to create the fragrance itself. That's why, when a company wants a name that has already become the property of someone else they often pay good money to the owner to acquire the name so they can then use that name for their perfume. If you are already using the name you can block even the biggest company from taking it away from you, if you have taken the required steps to protect it.

But having the IDEA for a name is not enough, even if you've written it down on a piece of paper and mailed it to yourself to establish a date through the postmark. You must take TWO essential steps before you can have ANY protected rights to the name, regardless of how original or how brilliant it might be.

Free, full, legal protection —
if you just ...

There is only one way you can protect your valuable name for a perfume and you can get that protection without spending a penny for a trademark registration, copyright, or patent. There are steps you MUST take but if you seriously believe in your name, you ARE going to take them.

Then ... no more need for secrecy!

Once you've taken the simple FIRST step you need no longer keep your name secret. You can now announce to the whole world your perfume name. In fact, you will want as many people as possible to see it. Now more people will ask about the perfume with your name and this makes the name more valuable. And, as you show the name around, marketers, promoters, and investors become aware of the name and may want to buy it from you. This can mean a nice payday.

The name alone really can have value

Philip Goutell
"It happened to me, Philip Goutell, out of the blue an offer was made for a perfume name I was using. The deal was quick, simple, and profitable."

Nobody can predict what a name you develop might be worth to someone else. But it is certain that, if you don't protect your name, it will be worth nothing to you if somebody else uses it. I have personally received money for a perfume name I had protected. The negotiations were simple. I received a solid payment. The offer came to me out of the blue. You might never make as much money as I did from my name but you might do even better.

If you have a name for a perfume, and if you want to protect that name, "Naming Your Perfume And Protecting Your Name" is an important book for you.

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