What goes into a new perfume?
Decisions... decisions... decisions!

Thinking about launching a perfume of your own? Wondering what needs to happen for you to do it? Marketing? As always, it is what it is. You have the touch or you don't. But what about the perfume itself? How do you get it? What are the steps? What are all the !!!DECISIONS!!! — ?

If you want an inside look at the steps—and decisions—that go into the creation of a new perfume, take a peek at our Perfume Production Checklist. You'll be a little amazed, perhaps a little intimidated, and then !!!WHAM!!! — it suddenly all makes sense and you realize that putting a new perfume together is nothing more than following simple steps and making simple (but important) decisions that take you from your raw idea to your finished, ready to set the world on fire, perfume.

Hey, this Checklist is reality ... but you can understand it -- and, if you're feeling bold and want to put your own fragrance out there, you can do it!

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"Perfume Production Checklist"
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