"How To Make Your First Perfume
For Under $500"

All you need to start your own perfume business is your own perfume and your ability to sell it. It you can sell your own perfume — to friends, to co-workers, to family members, and even stores — you are on your way to having a good business. But to do it you need ... perfume!

Cruise around the internet and you'll find various wholesale clubs that might give you a cheap, no-brand perfume to sell for about 30% or 40% off their "suggested" retail price — a price that's a good deal higher than what the public will be willing to pay, because the perfume in junk! They will tell you you can sell it for $20 a bottle ... and pay them "only" from $12 to $14 a bottle. Guess who is going to make money? It's not going to be you!

But, if you can get a better perfume than the one the wholesale people want you to take from them — and, if you can get it for considerably less than what they wanted to charge you — your perfume business begins to make sense.

The first time I went out and sold a fragrance it was costing me about $8 a bottle and retailing for just $14.95. My "wholesale" cost was 50% of retail. Even so, I was making money.

But to be successful in business you always want to look for ways to earn more money from the resources you have at hand. If I could reduce what I was paying for my perfume AND increase the price I was getting for it, the business would begin to look a lot brighter. So that is exactly what I did. Rather than buy my perfume from my wholesaler — who was really just a middleman — I went right to the source. The result? My price dropped to less than $1.50 a bottle (a nicer bottle too!) and people liked my new fragrance well enough so that I could change an extra $10 per bottle.

Now here's the deal. You might think that "going to the source" would be too expensive for an individual who is selling their own perfume. But it's not. Yes, the first time I did it I did lay out a bit of money. But, with experience, I learned how to "get more for less." In fact, a few years ago I had it worked out so that I could create a new, ready to sell, perfume for about $200. Today things cost a bit more. Even so, you can do it for less than $500. And you might get it down to $300 or less, if you really pinch your pennies.

Why do it? Why make perfume at all? The answer is simple. If you are the kind of person who can sell things ... to your friends, to you co-workers, to family, even to stores ... perfume is great for making money!

Do you think you can sell your own perfume ... a perfume that you can name yourself, and have your own name on the bottle as its creator? If you can, all you need is your perfume. You can get it by following the amazingly easy, step-by-step instructions in "How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500." You don't need chemistry. You don't need college. You don't even need high school to do it. You just need to follow the instructions. It's as simple as that.

"How To Make Your First Perfume For Under $500"
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