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Part 2: Aroma Material Descriptions, View 4

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We continue our description of The Perfumer's Workbook with the third and final scrolled down view of that database's materials descriptions. The last screenshot ended with "GC/MS Data". This screen shot starts with "Regulatory references."

Regulatory references

This list gives regulatory references, both from government agencies and trade groups. One of the most important for many is the "CAS No." (Chemical Abstracts Service), a database developed by the American Chemical Society to provide a uniform identification system for aroma (and other) chemicals. When purchasing an aroma material, you can be sure that it's the one you want by checking the CAS number.

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aroma description, view 3
Aroma Description, View 4

Other references refer to databases kept by IFRA (International Fragrance Association), RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials), CoE (Council of Europe and the European Union), EEC (European Economy Council), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), FCC (Fragrances, Cosmetics & Consulting), and other Safety concerns for the particular material. Some of these databases must be checked from time to time as they are updated when new risk information is discovered concerning a particular aroma material.

For our highlighted aroma material, Aldehyde C-10, decanal, we see —


"Suppliers" is simply a list of sources for the particular aroma material. The listings you see here are the big companies that produce or distribute Aldehyhde C-10, decanal in bulk. Unless you are involved in a very large project, you would not be buying directly from these suppliers. But you can enter your own suppliers in the database here. You'll find this helpful when, sometimes years later, you go back to reorder the same material. Now you'll be able to find, quickly, where you had obtained it.


Here you see a brief description aroma description of the material based on the input of many perfumers. When working with the material, you may find that you would like to describe it differently and you are free to edit these descriptions. (People who work with aroma materials do often see different aspects of the same material.)


This is simply an area that allows you to make your own notes for each and any particular aroma material.

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