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Part 2: Aroma Material Descriptions, View 2

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aroma description, view 2
Aroma Description, View 2

We continue our description of The Perfumer's Workbook with the first scrolled down view of that database's materials descriptions. The last screenshot ended with "Perfume Use". This screen shot starts with "Perfume Application Performance."

Perfume Application Performance

The materials descriptions indicate how appropriate a particular material (here, Aldehyde C-10, decanal) is for various applications. A score of "10" indicates Very Appropriate; a score of "1," not appropriate. The categories lists are as follows. The scores are for Aldehyde C-10, decanal

If you have never studied all of the various products into which perfume is incorporated, some of these uses may be new and even strange to you. Yet perfume serves in all of these capacities, even though your particular interest may be in creating fine fragrance.

Flavor Use

Again you might be surprised to learn that many of the same aroma materials that are used in perfume and other fragranced products are also used as food flavorings. The information given below this heading indicates what, if any, uses this raw material may find in food products, along with suggested dosages.

Flavour Application Performance

Just as the database gave indications of appropriate use of the material (still Aldehyde C-10, decanal) in perfumes, here is gives an indicator of how appropriate the use of this material is in "flavor" (food, inhaled, and ingested) products. Here are the categories —

NOTE: The database suggests that you "check status," when changes in the material's use may have developed or currently be on the horizon. You vendor can provide additional information.

Again, in the list above, you may see some "flavor" uses of aroma materials that surprise you. Often we don't think of alcoholic drinks or tobacco products being flavored, but flavoring these products is, and has been, common for many years. Likewise, toothpaste and pharmaceutical products might surprise you. But doesn't your toothpaste have a pleasant taste to it? That's the flavoring. And if you medicine doesn't taste bitter, again you can thank the fragrance & flavor industry.

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