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Part 1: Aroma Materials

The Perfumer's Workbook fragrance creation software was developed by perfumer Stephen V. Dowthwaite, founder of PerfumersWorld and is included as part of the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course or can be purchased separately for instant download.
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The ability of The Perfumer's Workbook to adjust or generate sophisticated perfume formulas results from its pre-installed database of more than 600 aroma materials. The complete list of installed raw materials can be found in the setup area of The Perfumer's Workbook. The materials themselves appear in the left hand column. The characteristics of a particular material will appear on the right side of the screen when that material is clicked on by your mouse.

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materials database
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In the illustration shown on this page, the mouse has been clicked on "Aldehyde C-10, decanal." This is one of the classic aldehydes used in modern perfumery having found it's first famous uses in Houbigant's Quelques Fleurs and Chanel's No.5. As you notice, the raw materials are arranged alphabetically. To quickly get to a particular raw material you are looking for, after clicking on the "Load All" button, you simply begin to type its name in the box at the top of the page. The material you are seeking will appear on the screen, even without typing its full descriptive name. The database search works in a manner similar to a Google search.

The Perfumer's Workbook allows you to add materials not found in the pre-installed database. This is helpful if you are using materials from sources of your own which do not provide a CAS number (a standardized aroma material identifier). These could include your own aroma bases or "other home" made materials you may be using.

When you are adding your own materials to the database, they will, like the pre-installed aroma materials, be available to generate tweeks and new formulas provided you have determined, and entered, the pricing and aroma characteristics of you new material.

Aroma characteristics of aroma materials in the database

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